Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn Care

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Spring Trends

Spring is here, it’s in the air, and that means you are probably thinking about how to prepare your lawn for nicer weather. If you are in search of some inspiration, think about trying these spring trends and the benefits they provide in your backyard.

Landscape Trends

  • Entertainment: If you often have friends and neighbors over on warm summer evenings, now is the perfect time to transform your lawn into one designed for entertaining. Hardscaped surfaces for tables and chairs, a fire pit, and an outdoor kitchen are all trendy right now.
  • Family fun: Homeowners with kids need a different type of yard. A swing set, sandbox, solid trees for hammocks, seating area and fully fenced-in yard are all important for safe family fun.
  • Low maintenance: If you do not want to spend a lot of time maintaining your lawn, plant native trees & grass, and install a pergola to shade and protect the seating area.

Spring Garden Trends

Creative flowerbed shapes: You don’t need to stick with traditional square and rectangular flowerbeds if you don’t want to. Curvy edges that mimic your home’s architecture or the shape of your lawn create a trendy, appealing look.
Texture, height, colors & shapes: The most aesthetically pleasing flowerbeds incorporate a variety of flowers that not only bloom at different times but also showcase different textures, heights, colors, and shapes. If you’re not sure what to plant together, seek a professional landscape designer’s advice.

White and green: While you can choose flowers of any color for your spring garden, consider incorporating a bit of white and green to provide a cooling effect during the day and a slight “glow” at night.

Water Garden Trends

Pond: A backyard pond is a perfect opportunity to introduce a little wildlife into your garden. A properly installed, well-maintained pond can support fish for many summers. The water is also sure to attract songbirds and small mammals for you to enjoy from your patio.

Waterfall: The sound of rushing water is known to promote relaxation. If you’re looking for a way to unwind after a long day, installing a waterfall in your backyard could be the perfect solution.

Bubbler or fountain: These types of water features add a unique focal point to your yard. You’ll be excited to invite guests to sit and relax next to the water feature you install this spring.

Landscape Lighting Trends

Solar landscape lights: The type of outdoor lights you choose impacts your home’s energy efficiency. With solar-powered lights, you can enjoy a warm glow in the evening without increasing your energy bills one bit. That’s why solar landscape lights are definitely trendy right now.

Special features: Homeowners want full control over their landscape lights. Special features such as dimmer switches, motion detectors, timers and light sensors offer the right amount of control you need to make your landscape lights work just the way you want them to.

Path and walkway lights: While many landscape lights are there to highlight a unique water feature or architectural detail on the house, others serve a more functional purpose. If you install outdoor lights nowhere else, consider using them to light garden paths, stairs & walkways. A little extra light goes a long way in preventing a misstep that could lead to a painful injury.

If you need help implementing any of these spring trends, please contact Nice & Precise today. We have experience installing and maintaining landscapes, gardens, water features and landscape lights.