Spring Lawn Care | 5 tips for your spring lawn care program

Spring Lawn Care | 5 tips for your spring lawn care program

Spring Lawn Care | 5 tips for your spring lawn care program 1080 720 Nice & Precise Lawn Care Services

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Your lawn makes an important first impression. Is your lawn nice, plush and green, or is it brown and spotty? Here are some Spring Lawn Care tips that will set your lawn up for a beautiful green spring, summer, & fall.

Spring Lawn Care

1.Aereate and Overseed

One of the most important spring lawn care tips is to start sooner rather than later.  Grass will start to grow when the soil temperatures reach 40.  To see what the average soil temperatures are in your area check this out. The first step should be aerating & overseeding. While it’s important and often better to do these things in the fall, it is not too late for your yard to benefit from it. Lawn aerating provides the ideal space for the grass seeds and also makes space for air, which is vital for proper root health.

2. Water Thoroughly

Grassroots are sensitive. If they do not receive the water they need, they won’t last long. For green, healthy grass, a long and slow soaking once or twice a week is more valuable than a quick surface-level watering every day.

3. Proper Weed Control

Your flowers and lawn love all the sunshine and water, the problem is that the weeds love it just as much. This may cause your luscious green lawn may become littered with yellow dandelions and other weeds like Creeping Charlie. Make sure to include a weed control service.  Nice & Precise offers several packages from Nice, Nicer, and Nicest with prices starting around $50.

4. Fertilize

A high-quality slow release fertilizer will give your lawn the plush rich green appearance everyone desires. If you’re looking to fertilize your own lawn look for a fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen. Nice & Precise Lawn Care prides itself on delivering the best weed control & fertilizer products.  The Weed Control & Fertilizer products used by Nice & Precise Lawn Care are all federally tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.   Nice & Precise Lawn Care uses a golf course quality, slow-release, granular fertilizer that will provide the fuel for your healthy lawn.

5. Hire a Professional

Plenty of work goes into Spring lawn care and making your lawn as green as plush as you’d like it to be. That’s why Nice & Precise offers lawn care packages starting around $50 that will green up your lawn and get rid of the unsightly weeds. Take back your weekend, spend your time with your family and enjoying your lawn, not working on your lawn.  When you compare the cost of purchasing the materials needed to apply the products, along with the fertilizers and weed control products, you’ll see the cost difference is nominal and may even be cheaper to hire Nice & Precise.

Spring Lawn Care Services

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