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The Solution: Topdressing to Level a Lawn Back Out

Most of us enjoy our turfgrass lawns as a great foundation for outdoor activity. Maintaining our lawns properly is very important, in part, to ensure safe and enjoyable outdoor activity. A lawn needs to be smooth to avoid injuries that might be caused by stepping on an uneven surface. Your grass is the “floor” of an outdoor living space, and floors need to provide stability.

Topdressing - Level Out Your Lawn

A level and even lawn is also easier to maintain. Who wants to mow a lawn with low spots in it, right? Not only is it uncomfortable (as when you drive your car over potholes), but it can also cause you to scalp the grass (because, as the mower drops down when the tires pass over low spots, the level of the mower blade also drops, plunging into the higher spots and cutting the grass there much too low).

The least invasive approach to leveling your uneven areas would be to topdress the low spots, by filling them in with a mixture of topsoil, sand, and compost — basically, a soil medium that can support turfgrass growth. Apply enough soil in the low areas to make them even and level with the areas around them.

Topdressing - Level Out Your Lawn

You will then want to seed the topdressed areas with turf to obtain an even healthy turfgrass lawn. After establishment, the lawn should be maintained properly to ensure that you can obtain the most enjoyment from the lawn.

A level Lawn

If the uneven areas are substantial enough that topdressing will not solve the problem. You may need to do a more major renovation by regrading the area and establishing a new stand of turfgrass.

No matter what method you choose

  • to topdress
  • renovate more substantially

it will be important that you follow the proper practice in establishing the turfgrass and maintaining it properly after establishment.

If you have more questions about lawn renovation contact Nice & Precise Lawn Care.

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