Grass Clippings

Grass Clippings

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A common misconception about lawn clippings is
that they contribute to thatch. The truth is that grass
clippings contribute very little to thatch development
because clippings are primarily cellulose and decompose
easily. Therefore, removing grass clippings to control
thatch is ineffective.

Grass clippings that do not filter through the turf canopy should be removed.

The need to remove grass clippings depends on mowing
frequency. Regular mowing eliminates the need to collect
grass clippings. In fact, grass clippings returned to the
yard release nutrients back into the soil and can reduce
fertilizer applications.

Only in situations where clippings
fail to filter into the turf canopy should they be removed

Striping your lawn

Striping is an easy way to add visual interest to your
lawn. Stripes are created when the grass blades lean
in different directions, creating the illusion of stripes.
Dark colored stripes appear when the grass blades lean
towards you and light colored stripes appear when the
grass blades lean away from you. Specialty commercial
mowers use metal rollers to create stripes. However,
stripes also can be created using a standard mower by
mowing back and forth across the lawn in opposite
directions. The rear skirt on the mower helps
bend the grass blades in different directions.
Be sure to choose a different direction each time you mow.

lawn striping occurs when you mow different directions causing the grass to lean different directions.

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