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Mowing is the most time-consuming maintenance practice related to lawn care, but many aspects of mowing are misunderstood and performed incorrectly. Proper mowing practices play a vital role in helping to maintain a healthy, sustainable home lawn. Lawns often look attractive after mowing, so it is easy to assume that grass thrives on mowing. In reality, mowing is a destructive process that injures the grass plant. Each mowing temporarily stops root growth, decreases carbohydrates, increases water loss, decreases water absorption by the roots, and creates entry routes for a disease. Sound mowing practices help minimize these stresses.

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Nice & Precise Lawn Care uses the industries best practices and products when treating your lawn.

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With 9 years of lawn care experience, Nice & Precise continues to provide exceptional service at affordable prices.  Nice & Precise uses the top tier lawn products when tending to your yard with at least 30% slow release nitrogen.  Compared to the competition uses products similar to those found in big box DIY stores that will contain as low as 6% slow release nitrogen.  Using higher quality materials results in a healthier lawn and avoids the spikes of rapid growth.

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Garden Tips

Yard and Garden: Growing Cabbage in Home Gardens ARTICLE | WED, 02/28/2018 – 10:55 | BY RICHARD JAURON AMES, Iowa — Cabbage is a “cole crop,” a general term used to describe several vegetables in the mustard family, including broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kale and kohlrabi. All cole crops are cultivated varieties of the species Brassica…

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What ground temperature does grass grow? 350 211 Nice & Precise Lawn Care Services

What ground temperature does grass grow?

It’s not very often many homeowners take into account ground temperature ranges. Typically when the heat rises, it’s about the elements and air all around us. However, as it pertains to lawn treatment, we need to know the temperatures in soil to comprehend how to best treat your turf. Turf Soil Temperature Results: Lawn Growth…

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THINGS TO DO IN DES MOINES: 150 150 Nice & Precise Lawn Care Services


A weekend on the town gets even better when you add in a few more friends. THINGS TO DO: RICOCHET There are many places where you and your friends might have fun. At Ricochet, it’s a sure thing. Located in the hip Historic East Village, it’s all fun and games: table tennis, foosball, darts, bags, shuffleboard and pool.…

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Lawn Application

Liquid pre-emergent (Dow Agrochemicals Defendor). This product works when the soil temperature hits 40° and prevents many broadleaf weeds from germinating.


Lawn Application

Granular Fertilizer and Crabgrass pre-emergent. This product works best when the soil temperature is at least 50° or more and prevents a variety of crabgrasses from germinating.  It also feeds the grass a healthy dose of slow-release nitrogen.


Lawn Application

Liquid Herbicide.  A post emergent product that will kill any stubborn weeds that make past round 1 and 2.


Lawn Application

Granular Fertilizer with a grub control product.  This product proactively treats your lawn for grubs that feed on the roots of the grass.  In addition, the fertilizer also feeds the turf with more slow release nutrients.


Lawn Application

Granular Fertilizer & spot treatment to feed your lawn through the fall and prepare it for winter and catch any other tough weeds.  This product has the highest nitrogen ratio in addition to the slow release component.