Snow is on the way

Snow is on the way

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At this point, there is fairly high confidence in a winter storm impacting the Midwest beginning Friday morning and eventually pulling out of the state by Saturday morning. Models are starting to latch on to a solution in regards to a track, but any shift to this track will have an impact on snowfall amounts. The million dollar question that you all keep asking about still continues to be, “how much white stuff will I see?”

To shed better light on this question, we will discuss what we know going off the latest models as of Wednesday afternoon. It appears that snow will begin falling first across northwest Iowa. This looks to happen mid to late morning Friday. Snow will then continue to advance off to the southeast, eventually impacting north central to west central Iowa around noon to mid-afternoon. By mid-afternoon, snow will eventually begin falling across central Iowa, and eventually, by dinner time to 9 pm, snow will begin falling across southeast Iowa. This storm system will move through the state as snow should be wrapped up by mid morning Saturday.

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