Lawn Care Fundamentals

Lawn Care Fundamentals

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Here are a couple of Lawn Care Fundamentals for everybody that wants a green lawn ought to learn. Realize the 3 keys to great lawn care; Mowing, Watering, Feeding and your little plot of land will thank you for it. These tips will assist you with growing a lawn with less weeds, bugs, and other basic issues. At Nice & Precise Lawn Care, we like to help make it simple for everybody to accomplish an excellent, green lawn.

Lawn Care Fundamentals of Mowing

Lawn Care Fundamentals

Appropriate lawn mowing is presumably the most fundamental piece of developing an extraordinary lawn. These are a couple of tips:

Sharp cutter edge.

Try and have your cutting edge honed consistently and sharply. Most lawn and garden home stores will do this for $10-$15.

Mow high

Set your trimmer on the tallest cut setting. You need to cut close to ⅓ of your grass length everytime you cut. Cut excessively low and it can harm your grass and allow weeds to develop.

Mulch you grass clippings

This one is simple, rather than bagging simply enable your lawn mower to mulch the clippings once again into your lawn. The grass clippings have many of the supplements that grass needs to develop.

Mow frequency

The grass requires frequent mowing. Keep in mind you would prefer not to cut more than ⅓ of your grass edge length at one time. This keeps the mulch clippings short and the grass will be cut more clean.


Lawns need around 1 inch of water for every week by and large to flourish. A lawn’s watering needs can differ some because of temperature, light, and soil composition.

Lawn Care Fundamentals of irrigation

The best time to water is late around evening time or early morning. This is to both lessen water waste through evaporation and furthermore to enable your lawn to dry completely in the sun amid the day to keep certain lawn fungus that can be activated by excessively flooded lawn.

It is best to water deeply and less often. Maybe 1-3x every week rather than day by day. Watering is not required in many areas.

On the off chance that you should water do as such with a decent quality sprinkler, you can gauge the yield utilizing a modest rainmeter put in the lawn adjacent or basically put a plastic container with a one inch level set apart with a marker. Observe the time it takes to accomplish the correct level, the following watering you can just time your watering as opposed to estimating.

Use humic acid advancing soil alterations, after some time this can build your dirt’s capacity to hold water.

Lawn Care Fundamentals of Overseeding

Lawn overseeding is a secret trick many Lawn Care Professionals use, if you need a thick uniform lawn. Overseeding is basically applying a small measure of grass seed over your current lawn. Eventually, some grass dies normally and this procedure basically keeps your lawn invigorated with new grass. This is best done in the late summer in the Northern areas of the nation and late-winter in the south. In spite of the fact that with some consideration it should be possible in fall or spring in the two locales.

Lawn Care Fundamentals of Weed Control

Weeds will dependably show up in many lawns. Regardless of how much herbicide and weed killer one uses a couple of them will even now discover a way. We offer a healthy lawn guarantee. We use the industries best products and practices to control weeds in your lawn.

Nice & Precise Lawn Care prides itself on delivering superior Weed Control products. As a result, Nice & Precise committed to providing the best possible products at the right time and in the right amount(s). The Weed Control products used by Nice & Precise Lawn Care are all federally tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Nice & Precise Lawn Care uses a golf course quality, slow-release, granular fertilizer that will provide the fuel for your healthy lawn.


Lawn Aeration is a very useful practice for lawns. It brings air, supplements, and water to the roots and relaxes up the dirt for new development. For a smaller lawn, Core Aeration should be possible with an essential two prong air circulation apparatus. Obviously huge gas controlled machines function admirably and can complete an expansive lawn rapidly. For minimal issue soils, it is perfect to Aerate through yearly, most normal lawns can go quite a long while before requiring Aeration


Thatch is the layer of grass undergrowth between your green lawn and the dirt. A small layer of thatch is normal and expected, about ½ inch or less is valuable. On the off chance that thatch is excessively thick, it can begin to choke out new grass development, your lawn begins ending up progressively tan in shading and less green. A basic method to diminish overabundance thatch is to rake it out. There are machines accessible that can make this procedure faster. This takes time and hard work to do accurately and ought to be done just when required. Dethatching and Aeration are a vital piece of reviving an underachieving lawn.

Now you know a few more Lawn Care Fundamentals!

Get familiar with these lawn fundamentals and you will save time and cash and add a little lawn enjoyment to your life. Nice & Precise professionals work with homeowners to prevent problems through basic mowing, watering and fertilizing practices that will head off most serious turfgrass problems.

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