How much does weed control cost?

How much does weed control cost?

How much does weed control cost? 800 532 Nice & Precise Lawn Care Services

Affordable Weed Control

It might surprise you how inexpensive weed control cost may actually be for your lawn. Hiring a professional that includes a healthy lawn guarantee can save you money when comparing to weed control cost versus doing the work yourself. Read on to learn more.

Weed Control Prices

When walking through any big box store you will see many different options available for crabgrass weed control.  However, the prices may be misleading when you learn about the coverage rates, let compare one of the most well-known weed control brands available at Lowes.

Weed Control Cost

A $7 dollar difference is all the separates the DIY option from the Professional option- not including equipment cost

At first glance, this may seem like a great deal but when we look closer we find that this only treats 5,000 square feet for $22.98 plus tax.  Furthermore, less than 7% is actually a slow release nitrogen fertilizer!  To treat most typical lawns in the Ames area you would need at least 2 bags of this product, now your price is up to $45.96 plus tax and you still don’t have the equipment to apply the product to your lawn!

The better value weed control

So far the cost from the big box store for the DIY lawn care is up to roughly $50.  Now when you compare that to hiring Nice & Precise your cost would be $57.  You read that correctly, for $7 dollars more than what the big box store would charge you can hire a Top Rated Lawn Care Company that stands behind its work with a healthy lawn guarantee! When you hire a Professional Lawn Care Service you also don’t need to fill up your garage with fertilizer spreaders and you can spend time doing what you enjoy.




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